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Campy is a groundbreaking combination of social media and shopping app. Through us, a new generation of consumers is at your fingertips. Free campaign visibility – you only pay for the transaction, not the clicks.

  • Convenient, fast and easy marketing budget planning
  • Innovative and immersive campaign creation
  • Real-time campaign analytics
  • Precise target group setting

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Tired of campaigns that don’t gain traction?

These days, paying for ad visibility and clicks is essential, yet it's hard to predict the return on investment needed to attract new customers.

With Campy you only pay for the transaction, and you determine the cost of gaining a new customer before starting a campaign. Each campaign is measurable in
real time.

Planning your marketing budget has never been easier!


Campy and social media marketing

Seamlessly blending customer relationships, entertainment and shopping, Campy is a unique campaign platform for marketers that provides instant and easy-to-analyze feedback from customers.

App users can choose the campaigns that interest them. When combined with selecting your target audience, reaching the right customers is instant and effortless!

Campy gives everyone the chance to be a market leader by sharing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. A new and exciting opportunity for upcoming influencers.


How does it work?

  1. 1

    Enter a campaign product or service

  2. 2

    Create your campaign

  3. 3

    Instantly reach your customer's smartphone

  4. 4

    Follow real-time analytics for precise planning


Create a campaign

Campy offers a variety of ways to create a campaign: show a video, upload photos of a product or service, create location-based campaigns, use a QR code, or request customer feedback – the choice is yours! Reward your customers with bonuses, discounts, gifts and much more.

Select the right audience from the start

Set a demographic customer profile to ensure your offer reaches your specifically targeted customer group. Use analytics to form new groups to follow up on or ask for feedback.

Set the precise details

Set the duration of the campaign, the maximum number of participants, and delivery options, and invite the campaign to be shared on social media.

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