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Gamified add-on solution for your e-commerce to enhance your stores, webshops and social media marketing

  • Customer experience beyond only making a purchase
  • Engage your customers and make them loyal fans
  • Campy community for cool campaigns and new ideas
  • Everything included in an affordable monthly subscription

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White label apps - You choose how deep to integrate

Want to move light and fast?
Start by changing app logo and colors

Want to have your own design?
Change the full look-and-feel of app

Want to use your own app?
Integrate Campy code into your own app


Admin site to co-create the most fun and engaging experiences

Create and push gamified offers into apps, engage your customers the ways that will make them your brand evangelists.

Connect and link any existing
 e-commerce platform via API

Make fun, meaningful, gamified, location and interest based special offers to attract existing and new users

Targeting based on user segments, location and analytics

Friends and social shopping is built into the system to keep users engaged and to spread offers via built-in influencer rewarding system

Include partners, advertisers, resellers, etc., to make cross sales offers and related activities

Encourage customers to make shared wish lists for birthday presents, anniversaries, personal offers, product availability, etc.


How does it work?

  1. 1

    Enter a campaign product or service

  2. 2

    Create your campaign

  3. 3

    Instantly reach your customer's smartphone

  4. 4

    Follow real-time analytics for precise planning


Create a campaign

Campy offers a variety of ways to create a campaign: show a video, upload photos of a product or service, create location-based campaigns, use a QR code, or request customer feedback – the choice is yours! Reward your customers with bonuses, discounts, gifts and much more.

Choose your audience

Set a demographic customer profile to reach your target customer. Use analytics to form new groups and to follow up for feedback.


Set the look-and-feel and duration for the campaign, maximum number of participants, delivery options. Incentivise the campaign to be shared on social media.

Build your brand community


engage your customers and make them fans of your brand


sharing is caring - incentivised fans care and they share


engagement increases visibility - they come back to see more


engagement makes people talk and that connects them with you

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